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Hunt Club is a private members club that carries the spirit of Hawaii to the mainland to create a real connection to the people and culture of Hawaii through the sacred hunt for food and celebration



All of our feasts are half vegan - because of the care & respect we have for the earth many vegans have tried the game as well

Our teams' day to day lives are fueled by the protein we harvest, not buy in a store - our lives depend on the health of our ecosystems so we contribute to human and environmental causes



O'ahu, Moloka'i, Brooklyn, Hollywood Hills

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Think of Hunt Club LA as a modern, more engaging version of the famous Explorers Club in NYC.

Hunt Club LA is the mainland virtual clubhouse of Hunt Club O'ahu, a local members hunt club founded in 2015 on the North Shore of O'ahu. O'ahu members include world champion surfers, famous watermen and women, artists, winemakers, film makers, native Hawaiian craftsmen and women, adventurers, NFL players, Grammy winning artists, local hunters, Academy Award winners, inventors, actors, former WWF wrestlers, and anyone interesting who has been to O'ahu and searched us out.

We work with our members to support causes that are important to us all - not just to the club. The club and it's founders support the betterment of the native Hawaiian people wherever they are in the world or the islands.


Membership is limited because the hunt for the food we serve at our feasts requires 16 hours of flying and at least 2 days in the field or boat.

We look for members who want an experience that is unique to the Hawaiian Islands and immerses them in the truly local experience of hunting for your food. We strive to make Hunt Club LA the club you join to meet people you would never otherwise meet and be able to tell stories that most cannot even imagine. Ideally this inspires all members to look at our world differently. 

As benefits to membership we host a monthly cocktail party and 4 large feasts each year as well as special events and guests based on who is traveling from where after surviving something.

Membership experience:

Especially for the complete novice - Individually guided (by locals and Native Hawaiians) travel to the inner regions of the Hawaiian Islands to hunt for your food: Axis Deer, sheep, wild boar and wild mountain goats - all invasive species to the islands increasingly destroying the delicate island ecosystems. Our expert local guides will train you on a modern crossbow with no noise and no recoil and be by your side throughout the adventure

Inter-island travel to the hunts/gathers included and Hunt Club can also assist with travel to/from the mainland with upgrades and discounts from our members in the hotel industry

Post hunt feast with our island members and as many guests as you like

4 yearly mainland feasts

Pop-up events and small gatherings based on adventurers traveling through LA

Meet both Pacific and global adventurers, artists and cultural story-tellers

Yearly large live mainland music and food event 




Because of the incredibly personal nature of how we provide for our members, the number of memberships is limited for Los Angeles. Some corporate memberships are available.

Please let us know how best to contact you with more information and an application

Thank you we'll send membership information